How Does This Platform Work?

Important Information for Investors

The "Investors" platform will allow individuals, groups, and firms to invest resources into an ongoing project or completed product, as well as reward investors with dividends on a quarterly basis, based on the revenue generated by the product's sales.

As a project is taken on, or a product is completed, a post containing limited details of the project will be displayed on the Investors page. This is done if the Client consents to the publication of the project for potential investment by outside parties.

Additionally, CSB Tech Emporium will be posting several of its in-house projects to the Investors page for potential investment.

Once an Investor expresses interest in the ongoing project / finished product, a meeting is arranged to discuss the particulars of the project / product, including in-depth product details, intended investment amount, expected yield / revenue, and / or how the investor may contribute to the forward advancement of the product.